Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Morning

I trust that everyone had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was busy, in fact I am just trying to regroup from it. Friday evening my daughter had cheerleading practice as she always does but right after there was a cookout to celebrate the end of the season.Saturday morning was the superbowl game so I went to take a final for a TECA class and then made it to the field where the games were going on. They did not end until about 7:30P.M. But of course we had to hang around an hour or so later to get uniforms and all of that together. When we got home, we ate and I prepared for church service the next day. I had to sing for two services, the 8:45 and the 10:45. Service was so awesome and we sang our buts off,we were "off the chain". Right after the second service we had a meeting to prepare for an upcoming Christmas event to be set up like a Christmas Winter Wonderland. When we got home, I finshed preparing dinner and got to some unfinished housework which did not get finished. Don't you just sit back and think man, there needs to be more hours in the day!

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