Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meeting the challenges

Even if it seems that I may not, I am actually learning a lot. I just spent about two hours on twitter trying to get things "popping:" like my daughter would say.  Sometimes all it takes is to just sit down and read the tutorials that are being offered and make as much sense of them as  you can and go for it. I think that I am getting twitter somewhat, you have to play around with it. Now I want to retrieve some pictures that I have stored somewhere and see if I can beautify this site with them. That's a challenge, cause I don't really know how to do that.  I am certainly going to get help on it.
Im supposed to go to Choir rehearsal tonight but it has been cancelled. I am now going to the premier of For Colored Girls, really looking forward to that.
Oh, is there someone who can confirm whether or not there is a concert that will feature both Eric Benet and Fantasia Barrino in Houston,TX at the Reliant Arena on December 5,2010?

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