Monday, November 29, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

Hello All! I trust that everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My family and I had a fun filled day. We played TABOO and CLR, a game that should have been played with some type of chips, but we ended up using money(hey, now we don't want you to think that we are gamblers, LOL). This was trully fun and exciting, I won about 34 dollars, my son won 27, and my daughter won 37. I won't brag, but you know my family just dominated each game.
Any hoo, did anyone catch some overdue zzz's? We got a little bit of that in too, right after we got in from the Black Friday sale.I had never been to one. That was a trip. Although I did find a deal or two, I may pass next year.  

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